Mar 3, 2022

To hear for life, listen with care!

March 3rd is marked as “World Hearing Day”, therefore the World Health Organization announced this year’s theme as “To hear for life, listen with care!”.

This day focuses on spreading awareness on the importance of hearing loss prevention through safe listening habits.

Not all hearing loss cases can be prevented, however, hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises can be avoided. It is important to know that in most cases, with simple changes in your daily routine, hearing loss can be in fact prevented.

The theme of this year focuses on key messages that will aid in preventing permanent hearing loss down the course of an individual’s life. These messages are as follows:


1. Avoid noises that are higher than 85db (See chart for reference)HHF-Noise-Level-Chart
2. Do not listen to music at more than 60% volume

3. Protect your hearing during loud events and activities by wearing ear plugs to minimize the exposure to loud sounds

4. Take precautions at work if you are exposed to loud noises at work by speaking to your Human Resources (HR) department or occupational health manager.

5. When experiencing hearing loss symptoms, book an appointment for a hearing test as soon as possible. The sooner the damage is detected the better the chances are of fixing the problem and finding ways to prevent it from worsening.

We at Caresocius and Saleem Telemedicine would like to join the global community to help raise awareness of hearing loss prevention through practicing safe listening habits.


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