Feb 21, 2022

Swiss Healthcare and Medical Treatment


Healthcare in Switzerland has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the world for many past years. Unlike other European countries, the healthcare system in Switzerland is not funded by government taxes which means that the residents pay for the universal healthcare individually or through their employer. It is mandatory for everyone in Switzerland to have valid health insurance, if your stay is longer than three months, regardless of your reason for the visit.

In this article, we will discuss the overview of Swiss healthcare and the medical treatment in Switzerland.

Switzerland spends the highest GDP (over 12%) on healthcare as compared to other European countries. Despite having a universal system, there is no free public healthcare as each individual pays for their own health insurance – including the Swiss residents and expats.

Every person in Switzerland must be covered by health insurance companies, including children and dependents. The Swiss government has mandated a basic level of health coverage to ensure that all citizens are able to receive it. It is obligatory for the insurance providers to accept everyone’s application for health insurance.

Basic healthcare includes almost every need including general check-ups, hospital visits (including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services), rehabilitation services, prescription costs, some mental healthcare, maternity care, basic dental emergencies, gynecological exams, vaccinations, certain medical aids, and devices, cancer screenings, and some alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy.

The healthcare in Switzerland is high in quality and the price varies from canton to canton. There is cheaper treatment in some areas while others might require out-of-pocket fees upon treatment.

The standard all around the nation is outstanding and there is no discrimination. So no matter which part of the country you are in, you will receive high-quality treatment.

Why choose medical treatment in Switzerland?

- As mentioned earlier, the quality is top-class which is proved by the fact that the healthcare system has won the gold medal in comparison to 35 European countries.

- The doctors, nurses, professionals, and other medical staff are of the highest quality. They all are very friendly and work closely with the patients to provide friendly treatment.

- The waiting time in Switzerland is very short as compared to other big countries. This is because of the fact that there is a wide network of excellent hospitals.

- The hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers are equipped with the latest technologies. The whole infrastructure is based on sophisticated cutting-edge systems

- Switzerland attracts a huge number of patients from all over the world due to its welcoming nature, the natural beauty including the fresh mountain air.

- The visitors always feel safe in  Switzerland due to the low crime rate, stable political conditions, and the natural reserve of its inhabitants.

- There is no room for any kind of social and racial discrimination as they welcome people with different cultures and religions with open arms.

- The post-treatment recovery, relaxing, and rehabilitation programs are excellent in Switzerland.

- The country is compact in size which means that your journey doesn’t stop only at the hospitals but you can also visit the tourist attraction spots.

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