Jun 30, 2022

The first Health Travel Network Event in Bonn was a success.

Together we are stronger!


The event "Health Travel Network Bonn 2022" left very impressive moments and we from the Caresocius Team and TellSaleem enjoyed every minute of the event.
This is essential for us, we don't only want to work to create tomorrow's healthcare, but also aim to be a source of inspiration for the audience.


Seating arrangements were strategically aligned according to interests. Speakers on one side and the VIP guests on the other. We formed all the chairs and tables into a U-shape so that everyone had a good view of each other. The speaker, Christian, commented on the seating arrangement, "It's like being at a wedding!". We celebrated our get together, the connection of healthcare stakeholders.

Much like in our world, without structure, people can feel no stability. It is important that we at Caresocius model structure to our own network and signal this structure outwards.

Introducing a modern style of health. It would be far too important if we were to just sail along.


Have business cards ready! Sit down and let's start!




During the opening speech by our CEO, Mohammed Blal and the COO, Stefano Barber, there was a silence with a high concentration of all faces, focused on the two Founders of Caresocius.





Health Travel Network Event Bonn VIP Guests - Kopie IMG_1454


Both World Health Center from Istanbul (Ege Elvan and Mrs Amber Güneysel) and Mr. Mohammed Moneim from the International Office of the University Hospital Bonn were among the VIP guests invited.

 Among the speakers were Johannes Kohl and Kirsten Bahr from the health insurance company "Die Techniker". J. Kohl and K. Bahr told about the possibilities to get more international patients to Germany and their involvement as a health insurance.

Dimitri Below, the Marketing Manager of the Düsseldorf Tourismus Health Travel agency, explained the role of Düsseldorf Tourism Board, acquisition of events, communication, networking and inquiry management are main roles of the Company. Last, but not least, the part of partner management has the goal to find an official partner.

The partner can benefit from Joint offline and online activities, in addition to 100,000 B2B contacts and much more. Therefore, it is worthwhile to introduce yourself as a partner to Düsseldorf Tourism.


"Efficient, convenient and secure is the e-subscription of ZAVA", explained Christian El-Khouri.

Electronic prescribing makes illegible handwritten notes ancient history.
It also serves as a building block for new technologies, such as electronic health records.
The e-prescription is automatically checked for formal errors, such as.
Dosage, date, signature and completeness, which can be expanded in the future to include checking for contraindication.
Patients with chronic diseases can easily request a new prescription from their doctor without having to consult them again and again.

Doctor Esra Soylu participated in the event digitally, with great enthusiasm. She shared that as a physician, she finds remote treatments useful for follow-up care in surgery:


"There are some circumstances in which I can imagine the use of telemedicine in surgery."

"We can not yet command a machine to stay in the operating room and replace a surgeon while we sit in our office."

"So all in all, there are many opportunities where we could use telemedicine in general surgery for pre- and post-operative procedures. We could bypass many organizational challenges and minimize the use of staff and strenuous, unnecessary procedures.

I look forward to the improvement of telemedicine in the field of surgery."


Khalid Sater, the general director of Tellsaleem, gave us a very good overview of the development of the telemedicine platform and explained how this platform will provide an easy-to-use solution for doctors and clinics to export they healthcare services to the kingdom of Bahrain and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are looking forward to organizing the event in Basel on September 8th 2022.






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